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Functional Food

1. Product description:
Functional Whey Soy Protein ADS-ProE9001 is a complex mixture of biologically active proteins that help to support and maintain normal immune function. It is 100% plant-based with a protein content of 90% dry basis. It is abstracted from Non GMO soybeans. The product has a clean taste and odor profile.

2. Properties:

100% plant based protein
Excellent amino acid profile
High in small-molecule-proteins, easy to digest
Smooth taste
Excellent forming properties
Excellent thickener and emulsifier
Quick cold water dispersibility
Low fat content,improved oxidative stability
Good solubility & heat stabliliy

3. Storage conditions: Temperatures below 25℃, relative humidity lower than 75%, and an odor-free environment.
4. Shelf life: in the above storage conditions, 24 months with package intact.
5. Packing: paper-plastic compound bag with net weight of 10kg, or in accordance with customer’s requirements.
6. Laws and regulations: this product complies with the provisions of the United Nations Food And Agriculture Organization (FAO)/World Health Organization(WHO), the European Community (EU) and the regulations on consumption of chemicals.