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Soy Oligosaccharide

1. Product description:
Soybean oligosaccharide is produced from high quality Non GMO soybean by the world's advanced membrane separation technology, it can be directly drinkable.

2. Scope of application:
Widely used in health food, soft drinks, candies, pastries, dairy products, milk powder for infants and so on. It also can be extensively used in pharmaceutical products as well.

3. Features:
Nourishing the intestines and easing constipation, regulating intestinal flora, and improving the gastric and intestinal function.

4. Functions:
Without monosaccharides. disaccharides and stachyose, high cottonseed content, low sweetness.
5. Specifications:

Item Syrup Type Powder Type
Physical index Moisture(%) ≤25.0 ≤5.0
Oligosaccharide(dry basis, %) ≥60.0 ≥75.0
Stachyose,raffinose(dry basis, %) ≥25.0 ≥30.0
Ash(dry basis, %) ≤3.0 ≤5.0
Total plate count(cfu/g) ≤1000
Coliform(MPN/100g) ≤30
Yeast &Moulds(cfu/g) ≤20
E.coli Negative
Salmonella Negative
6. Transportation and Storage:
a. The tools and containers used for transportation must meet hygiene requirements. lt should be protected from the sun, moisture and contaminants as well as the label off during the transportation.
b. Separately stored in a clean, dry place, shall not be mixed with the harmful and toxic substances.
7. Shelf life: in a  clean, dry and cool place, 24months.
8. Packing:
In vacuum inner bags or bottles, cartons or high-end gift box for the external package.
9. Laws and regulations:
conforms to the GB/T 22491-2008 standard for the use of food additives. And it complies with the provisions of the United Nations Food And Agriculture Organization (FAO) / World Health Organization (WHO), the European Community (EU) and the regulations on consumption of chemicals.