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1. Product description:
Sodium lactate solution is a colorless or slightly yellow viscous clarifying liquid (molecular formula: C3H5NaO3, molecular weight: 112.06). It has mild salty, no odor or slightly special odor, can easily dissolve in water, ethanol and glycerin. Sodium lactate have strong moisture absorption. Our products has high transparency, with purity of 60%.
Sodium lactate powder is prepared by spray drying process with liquid sodium lactate as raw material. Its purity is above 90%. The product is easy to use, suitable for adding to all kinds of food (including powder).
2. Scope of application:
as a new kind of preservative, it has a strong inhibitory effect on meat product bacteria. It is suitable for all kinds of high and low temperature sausages, ham, sauce meat products, pet food, snacks, excellent grade, general grade ham sausage, garlic sausage, bone soup ham, roast chicken, chicken feet, preserved meat and so on.
3. Function:
  1. colorless and tasteless, high temperature resistance, can effectively play its role in meat product;
  2. used as preservative agent, acidity regulator, water holding agent and moisturizing agent.
4. Dosage: 1.5%-3% (in the total material).
5. Use method:
a. added with other ingredients together or used with other preservatives, play the effect as surface anti-corrosion.
b. If you have any questions in use, please consult our application engineer at any time.
6. Specifications:

Form Liquid Powder
Purity ≥60% ≥90%
Acidity ≤0.5% ----
PH 6.5-7.5 (1 in 5 solution) 6.5-7.5
Arsenic (as As) ≤3ppm ≤2.0mg/kg 
Lead ≤5ppm ≤2.0mg/kg
7. Storage conditions:
Liquid type: Temperatures below 25℃, relative humidity lower than 75%, and an odor-free environment.
Powder type: Temperatures below 25℃, relative humidity lower than 50%, and an odor-free environment.
8.  Shelf life: in the above storage conditions, 24 months with package intact.
9. Packing:
Liquid type: 25 kg blue hard plastic drum, or upon customers' request;
Powder type: 5.0 kgs/Al-foil bag, 4 bags per piece, or upon customers' request.

10. Laws and regulations: This product executes GB 25537-2010,and it implements FCCV or E325.