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Essence Series

1. Product description:

This series of products come out of modern production and processing technology, from high-quality raw materials, using scientific compounding method.
The flavor of our products is long-lasting and stable, with realistic fragrance, they are suitable for various food processing.
2. Scope of application: cooked meat products, compound seasoning, leisure food, quick-frozen conditioning food, etc.

3. Function:

  1. Meat flavor essence: providing the product full bodied meat flavor. The palate is full, coordinate the overall flavor of the product, remove all kinds of peculiar smell, enhance flavor and increase fragrance, stabilize the effect of meat fragrance.
  2. Taiwan hot dog essence: enhance the product strong characteristic flavor, with lasting aroma and fully taste.
  3. Roasted sausage essence: providing the product full bodied flavor of baked sausage, significantly enhance flavor and meat taste of product.
  4. Pepper flavor essence: the product has special flavor of pepper, with lasting and stable smell. It can cover odor, Remove stains, with small addition volume.
  5. Pork paste essence: providing the product full bodied pork flavor and strong meat flavor, with realistic meat flavor and delicious taste.
  6. Sweet corn essence: providing the product abundant corn flavor. It’s long lasting, and it can coordinate all the flavor of the product, stabilize the effect of sweet corn.
4. Specifications
Item Type
Hot dog essence
Physical index State of organization Cream
Oil Liquid Powder Oil Liquid
Moisture/% —— —— —— —— ≤20.0 ——
POV (g/100g) —— —— —— ≤0.5 —— ≤0.5
Methanol content(/%) —— —— —— ≤0.2 —— ≤0.2
Heavy metal index Heavy metals(as Pb)/ (mg/kg) ≤10 ≤10 ≤10 ≤10 ≤10 ≤10
Arsenic(as As)/(mg/kg) ≤3 ≤3 ≤3 ≤3 ≤3 ≤3
Total plate count/(CFU/g) ≤30000 ≤30000 ≤30000 —— ≤30000 ——
Coliform bacteria/(MPN/g) ≤15 ≤15 ≤15 —— ≤15 ——
5. Storage conditions: it is recommended to separate with the odor products and under conditions of temperature not exceeding 25℃ and relative humidity below 75%, avoid sunlight.
6. Shelf life: in the above storage conditions, Pork paste essence, Taiwan hot dog essence can be stored for 6 months; Meat flavor essence can be stored for 9 months; Roasted sausage essence, Sweet corn essence and white pepper flavor essence can be stored for one year.
7. Packing:
Powdery essence is packaged with inner aluminum foil bag and outer carton. The net weight is 5kg/ bag, 4 bags in a carton.
The oil flavor is packaged in white PE barrels with a net weight of 5kg/ drum.
The paste essence is packaged with inner plastic bag and outer plastic drum .The net weight is 20kg/drum.
8. Laws and regulations:
This product implements the national standard GB30616-2014, conforms to the GB 2760-2014 standard for the use of food additives. And it complies with the provisions of the United Nations Food And Agriculture Organization (FAO) / World Health Organization (WHO), the European Community (EU) and the regulations on consumption of chemicals.