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A-(fat substitute)

1. Product description:
This product is mainly compounded of sodium alginate. It can make bionic fat with water and oil, which not only has the taste of animal fat, but also avoids the disadvantages of animal fat and reduce the cost. It is in line with the needs of consumers for low fat and healthy life, and can be used as the perfect substitute of animal fat, commonly known as vegetarian grease precious.
2. Scope of application:
Suitable for improving the product structure of low temperature emulsified sausage, high temperature sausage, prepare products, and roast sausage.
3. Function:
Improve the product structure and increase the taste of elasticity.
Make bionic fat instead of animal fat, healthy and reduce the cost.
4. Dosage:
The addition amount of dry powder is 0.1 %-0.4 %.
The usage please refer to the meat product solution.
5. Specifications:

ItemCompound thickener A
Physical index Physical characteristics Powder form
Color white or light yellow
Loss on drying(105°C, four hours, %) ≤12.0
Heavy metal index Lead(mg/kg) ≤2
Arsenic(mg/kg) ≤2
Heavy metal(calculation of lead,mg/kg) ≤20
Microbiological index Salmonella spp. /25g Negative
Total plate count(cfu/g) ≤5000
Escherichia Coli/5g Negative
Yeast and moulds(cfu/g) ≤500


6. Storage conditions: Temperatures below 25℃, relative humidity lower than 75%, and an odor-free environment.
7.  Shelf life: in the above storage conditions, 24 months with package intact.
8. Packing: paper-plastic compound bag with net weight of 25kg, or in accordance with customer’s requirements.
9. Laws and regulations: this product implements the national standard GB 26687-2011, conforms to the GB 2760-2014 standard for the use of food additives. And it complies with the provisions of the United Nations Food And Agriculture Organization (FAO) / World Health Organization (WHO), the European Community (EU) and the regulations on consumption of chemicals.