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Meat Carrageenan

1. Product description:
Meat carrageenan is a kind of polysaccharides hydrocolloid, which is present in the structures of certain varieties of red seaweed. It has very high protein reactivity, and can bind with meat protein when mixed with meat, keep moisture and prevent fat from precipitating, make the product juicier. At the same time, it gives the meat product a tender and smooth taste.
2. Scopes of application:
MC-1: low temperature ham, barbecue, steak, bacon, high temperature granular sausage, meat ball, smoked ham, round ham, special barbecue, steak, bacon, roast chicken, special ham sausage, etc.
MC-2: high temperature emulsified sausage, low temperature meat sausage, roast sausage, meat ball, general ham sausage, garlic sausage, taiwan style roast sausage, red sausage, brittle sausage, fried roast sausage, etc.
3. Usage: Injection process:
dissolve the phosphate solution, add it into the mixer, stirring while adding salt, sugar, carrageenan and other ingredients slowly. The solution should be homogeneous without agglomeration. After homogenization or filtration, carried out by the injection machine, then put it into the rolling machine.
Chopping process: prepare meat, salt, phosphate and a small amount of ice water, chopping for about 2 minutes, then put carrageenan and other ingredients into machine, working for about 2 minutes. Process speed should set to high speed (speed≥3600rpm), material temperature should be controlled between 10 ~18℃.
Rolling process: add the dissolved phosphate solution in the mixer, add salt, sugar, carrageenan and other ingredients by the mixing process, stir and without hitch, then add rolling liquid, join into rolling machine with material meat together.
4. Dosage: 0.3 %- 0.9 % (in the total material filling).

5. Specifications:

Viscosity ( 1.5 % solution at 75°C, mPa.s) ≥ 5 ≥ 5
Total plate count (cfu/g) ≤5000 ≤5000
Yeast and moulds (cfu/g) <300 <300
Escherichia Coli Negative in 5g Negative in 5g
Salmonella spp. Negative in 10g Negative in 10g
pH value (1.5% w/w, 75&deg;C) 8-11 8-11
Potassium gel strength
(1.5% (w/w)at 20&deg;C,10h, g/cm2)
&ge;1500 &ge;600
Particle Size 90/120mesh 90/120mesh


6. Storage conditions: Temperatures below 25℃, relative humidity lower than 75%, and an odor-free environment.
7. Shelf life: in the above storage conditions, 24 months with package intact.
8. Packing: paper-plastic compound bag with net weight of 25kg, or in accordance with customer&rsquo;s requirements.

9. Laws and regulations: this product complies with the provisions of the United Nations Food And Agriculture Organization (FAO)/World Health Organization (WHO), the European Community (EU) and the regulations on consumption of chemicals.